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Viajes Marruecos
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Viajes Marruecos

Morocco is the main hydrogen supplier to the European Union

Green hydrogen appears as a promising and future-oriented solution. It is an unlimited, decarbonized, storable and transportable resource. It can be transformed into electricity or fuel and represents a viable alternative to fossil fuels.

The production capacity of green hydrogen comes mainly from solar and wind energy. Even if investing large amounts of money in renewable energies, all European studies predict the need to import a large amount of hydrogen and, therefore, reach strategic agreements with countries with high energy potential.

Morocco is undoubtedly among the EU’s strategic partners for two reasons. The first is the large amount of investment that renewable energies have received in Morocco since 2009 and the great potential that these present in the future and the second is the geographical proximity of the kingdom with the EU.

As Morocco’s main trading partner, Spain has a great opportunity here to carry out projects in this area. Recently, ties have already been strengthened between Naturgy, an energy company headed by Francisco Reynés, and Sonatrach.

Moreover, recently Francisco Reynés has stressed the importance of gas transport infrastructures to mobilize hydrogen in the future and the need to enable a guarantee of origin for green hydrogen, similar to the one that already exists for electricity.

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